Help on boing-E-boing


When I try to learn boing-E-boing I just can’t seem to get the pull part like when I pull the yoyo should go back and forth and I just can’t get that motion down any help, could help a lot


I think of the pull portion as the “trigger” for the boing in EACH DIRECTION. You pull when you want it to boing forward, but you also pull when you want it to go backwards.

Once you “pull the trigger”, you have to let the throwhand go back down so that the yoyo can travel either forward or back. That’s the up-and-down motion. Pull the trigger to give the yoyo momentum, followed by letting it go down again so that the yoyo can travel and isn’t “stuck” in the middle.

I also find it very helpful to learn to just “go for it” and go into the first boing right as you are putting your hand into position. DOn’t get the yoyo in the middle and all lined up and then start moving up and down. You’ve lost your momentum and won’t get very far.


Try pinching the string with your throw hand. It’s cheating on the trick but could get you used to the motion. Also do a few barrel rolls to get the string shorter, it’ll be easier


I don’t like the pinching thing… give it a try, because it might work for you! But the trick’s actual motion RELIES on the ability for that string segment to get longer and shorter. If you pinch it, it’s not that it’s cheating, it’s that you won’t get the right motion.


First motion i like to do a down motion with nth it helps me


Try to use a heavy yoyo to give you more potential and kinetic energy


Thanks guys really helped


Yea I’m starting to get the motion down thanks


I find that Doing a few Barrel-Rolls and then going into the Boing-y-Boing trick makes it easier because it makes the space smaller!