Help On Boing-e-Boing, Revolution

Sometimes I am having trouble on these two tricks. Is there like a rythm/ timing in the time to spin or bounce the yoyo. Is there?

For Boing-e-Boing, yes. There is a rhythm. Mostly, it’s important to start boinging with the momentum from going into the split bottom. Don’t do the split bottom, then rotate the string around (to get it into “position”) and then start boinging. It’s going to take so long to learn that way. You first “boing” should come as a result of rotating around to get into position, not a separate and distinct move from there.

The other tricky thing about boing-e-boing that you may or may not have really sussed yet is that moving your throwhand “up” flings the yoyo both forwards and backwards, but bringing the finger down is what gives it the slack to reach the outward positions. That’s why the finger goes both up and down for each direction.

If you’ve learned Eli Hops, the basic principle is similar.

With regard to Revolutions, I don’t know that trick yet, but it’s basically like Twirly Bird except sidestyle and backwards (if that makes sense). And for me, Twirly Bird really locked when I found the right speed to swing. Too fast and I ended up with a tangled mess. Too slow and the loop wouldn’t open. The speed will depend on how much slack you have and what kind of string you use.

Boing e Boing was for my friend and he say… THANKS and Revolution still fails for me.

Revolutions, to start you have to get into a 1 and a half mount, then, pinch the string where you just landed the 1.5 mount and twirl with the yoyo. go in and out as you twirl so each time it passes your hand, it should be the other side of your revolving hand.

Boingy-boing, this trick always got me too. what u have to do is after you do split bottom mount, move the string on your right hand so it makes a straight line through your yoyo and down your other hand. hope I helped :slight_smile: