Help: Now I'm throwing leftie style

Ok, I’ve always had this urge to start 3a. I’ve tried, I’ve failed, then today I tried again.
I’ve landed cold fusion a couple of times… attempt yukki slack, and not much else besides your basics.

My question is: What yoyo should I get that will be good for me to practice on with my left hand?

I want something smaller than a YYJ new breed but not as small as a CLYW campfire.

I was thinking maybe a protostar… because I am able to bind and such but maybe a velocity so I can tamper with the response. But I want something I can use in the future so it wouldn’t be a waste of money later on.

Preferably plastic because I don’t want to ding up anything and I don’t have a plastic besides a new breed which is with my friend, far way. And, by the way, I’m not a beginner at all. I’m pretty good with a year’s experience. I guess you can say, a little less than average.

Thanks in advance ;D

for 3a since yo can bind, I HIGHLY recommend two protostars since you want plastics.

protostar, it has a wide gap so you can learn easily.

thanks all! thats what i thought… ;D