Yoyo suggestion?


So Im only a couple months into yoyoing and all I’ve tried is 1A so I have a DM2 and a DV888. I’m not sure if I should move into 3A what. Should I get a wooden yoyo, another 1A, 3A? What do you suggest?


Do whatever you wanna do.
Although… I’ll suggest throws for each style.
1a: c3 di base
2a: loop 808’s
3a: adegle asteroids or c3 halos.
4a: FIESTA!!!
5a: yuuksta or Genesis. Or a pgm.



My goal is to be able to do the 5 major styles.

Now, with just a couple of months in, I’d say focus on 1A for a while. I’d say you might want to get another decent 1A yoyo for the time being. It depends on your budget, needs and desires.

I’d strongly recommend the Di Base for sure. However, the DM2 ain’t no slacker either. But, if 3A is a goal, get a second DM2 in a different color and set them both up identical.


I’m needing a break from 1AM so I figured I’d be able to learn a new style while I take a break. I planned on getting a cascade soon. Would the Big Ben be a good yoyo to learn 3A on?


don’t confuse your A’s :wink: read my suggestions


Haha I’m sorry. I got confused