Yoyo suggestions, please.


I would like some suggestions for entry level yo-yos for 1A play. My budget is about $40, max. I’m looking at yo-yos ranging from the Sage, Velocity and First Base to KiCKSTARTER PRO and DV888. What are some other good options I can look into? When I search, I get a bunch of pages pertaining to contest entries. I think I did it wrong.


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I just started throwing in may. The yoyo that really got me going in the right direction was the Replay Pro.


So, apparently not only did I search wrong, I posted wrong, too. Sorry mods. It’s been a while since I forum’d.

I’ve read a little about the Replay Pro, as well. Seems like it might be a good option. I’m quite certain that I won’t find the right one first try.


Try a first base so you can play responsive and unresponsive, and have money left over for string!


You’re the second person to say that. I think I’m kinda down to that and a Sage. I like the Sage because of the Sage/Oracle bundle you can get so I’ve got a way to work on a lot. I feel like that would keep me happy for a while.

I feel like I’m really struggling with this XT. Maybe the plastic isn’t smooth enough or something but snap winds just don’t. And the flat bearing makes it impossible to keep the string centered which can’t be helping my throw. Even when I do get a nice, even, fast sleeper it isn’t quite right. When I pull the yoyo up slow and just watch it spin in Front of my face, the string is off to one side just rumbling on the texture like you hit a rumble strip on the highway and my string is getting just haggered. I get paid, tomorrow. Bbdave said he might be able to help and I’m ordering something. This XT is going on the shelf. That way, when I do something that requires a mulligan, I can’t blame my equipment.


The Sage and Oracle are just rebranded YoYoFactory Onestars and YoYoFactory Loop 360s from another online retainer. That said, they’e both great yo-yos, but getting a onestar and first base might be a little redundant.

Personally I recommend the first base, it’s going to be more beginner friendly and easier to learn to throw on. If you want to try out some looping too then the 360s are a great choice.


I hadn’t planned on getting a first base AND a Sage. I didn’t know the Sage is a One Star, though. Doesn’t surprise me. Rebadging happens all the time in other industries. I was just thinking that the Package with the Sage and Oracle (One Star and Loop 360, like you were saying) might keep me occupied longer than a First Base by itself.


Get a first base. No questions asked. I bought a sage to begin with too like a year ago and it had so much vibe. I gave it away.


I think the First Base is top of the list but I’m used to a hobby that runs $85ish just to go do on a Saturday on the low end. Some of these things seem outrageously cheap for what you get to wat I’m used to so if the First Base is top of the list, let’s talk about second place. Just because I’m a grown up with a full time job and I can.

Alternate choice. Do you go with a Velocity, a ONEstar or something else? I’m looking at the Velocity because I likes me a gimmick and it has a cool one. The KiCKSTARTER PRO looks like whitewall tires which makes my inner car guy happy. But I can’t shake the idea of a metal yoyo and so I’m looking at the DV888.

Which do you go with as a second throw? I’m not just interested in which you’d pick of those listed but also what other suggestions you might have. And I’m totally cool with personal preference. There doesn’t have to be any basis in facts or specifications. Although I wouldn’t turn that down, either.


You can get some very good performers for half that or less, but feel free to spend more if that’s what you need. Keep in mind that spending more won’t make you a better player, though it may seem that way.


It’s just like my other hobby. You can have a Dye M2 MOSAIR linked to the Evoke module in your Dye i5 mask linked to your R2 hopper and be wearing all Dye gear in matching colors and get out played by a guy in an old JT mask, jeans, sweatshirt and rocking a stick fed Phantom on 12ies. The equipment doesn’t make the player. I just like shiny things. And when I bungle a trick with a righteous yoyo, I don’t get to blame it on the yoyo.


The First Base is great. After you get better and can bind, I would recommend the Shutter. Other yo-yos that I like are the Plastic Skyva (Don’t get the translucent colors because they have a larger gap and are harder to bind… not sure if they fixed that), Metal Skyva, Top Deck, Vanguard, Set Sail, Dang2, The Edge, Kuntosh 5000QV, and 2016 Benchmark V.


I still have a lot of fun with, and get a lot of enjoyment out of the Velocity. I mostly play it responsive. Whatever else you get, definitely throw a Velocity in your cart!


Too bad I can’t only use the “Thank You” once per post. This gives me a lot to look up. I go google them and check for reviews. I usually find 2 or 3 videos plus read about them here. Doesn’t hurt that a lot of these more entry level yoyos can be had with the wider headings so the yoyos will grow with me as a player.


I found a guy local to me that’s got one he’ll let me try along with a few others. I’m gonna see if he’s available week after next.


These are all a LOT of great suggestions, and personally the wife and I both use a sage, and both have shutters. Cannot recommend either enough! I started with the DV888 though, very very small gap but it got me to learn the white Bhudda eventually and can switch from responsive / unresponsive in a minute or two. Just make sure to use the long bolt if you get the kit from yotricks, that killed my original vibe :smiley:


I can do the same tricks on my $19.99 First Base that I can do on my $99 The Edge. Like any other hobby, the more time you spend doing it, the better you’ll get. The most important thing is to have fun!


That’s what I’m wanting to do with it, have fun. I just like shiny things.