HELP!!! No! Shutter string eater now.

NOO!!! So no more shutter for me… I was trying to take my shutter bearing out, but i didnt have my regular bearing removal tool on me so i used a pair of pliers that we had. In the process of taking the bearing out I slipped a few times and it went down and dinged right on the edges of both sides of the response pad. I played with a string right after puting the bearing back in and a few minutes later it snapped. I was like, “whaaat?” Then i put on another and that one snapped too. I then realized the dings and tried to sand down where the dings were. I did this alot, and it still eats the strings. I don’t know what to do!!! I loved that shutter sooo much and now i cant use it anymore. Any suggestion?

Rub the dings down with some denim. Rub hard and for a long time. It should smooth them out.

Best fix:

Sanding will work IF you go fine enough. Otherwise you’re just making a rough surface. Use 450-600 wet/dry to carefully work out any burrs, then 1000 wet/dry to smooth everything out. Be patient and be careful. You may end up lightening a ring of ano (by removing material) but you need a player not a looker. :wink:

You could send it to me! One big thing about fixing or modding any yoyos is that it takes a lot of patience and time. Can you take a picture of the dings near the pads? You might need to use a file depending on how big they are.

You cant see the dings anymore because of all the sanding I’ve done. I think my problem isnt the dings anymore i think it is just the kind of sandpaper im using. Im using p150 regular sandpaper. Ill have to go to the hardware store and get better sandpaper. Is every pair of jeans made of denim? Will denim get rid of the damage ive done with the p150 sandpaper?

Why would you need a bearing removal tool, my shutter has a loose seat???

Mine does usually too but i couldnt get it out with my fingers for some reason.

I dunno man. I tried denim on my string eater and all it did is waste my time. For a FACT, people have successfully used denim (yes, jeans count!) so it was just me. But 1000-grit wet/dry sandpaper and a once-over with a felt wheel and jeweller’s rouge (probably wasn’t necessary-- the 1000-grit will be enough!) made it smooth as anything.

Super-fine sandpapers like that might be better found at an automotive store or a hobby store, since they’re usually used for polishing. In Canada, hardware stores mostly stock the rough stuff for daily work. Finest I’ve seen at a Canadian Home Depot is 320.

Try some 800-2000…

Or send it to someone for a polish center…

Oh wait i thought that you could get that kind of stuff at hardware stores! Uhhhh. I’ll get it online.

American stores are often better-stocked. Doesn’t hurt to go to a hardware store if there’s one close. Or check online. Or call. You don’t have automotive superstores? Or you can just order online. :wink:

Up to 5,000 grit at Lowes…

I found one on ebay (buy it now) for 4 dollars free shipping, so I think I’ll go with that. Thank you for all your help guys!

Its actually 2.85 and free shipping. For anyone whose interested:

If posting that is against the rules tell me and ill get rid of it.

When it does get here, i should do it in a circular motion, right? Like siliconing?

Basically, you want it to be as smooth as possible. First, I would sand down these small dings. Depending on how big/deep they are, you may be finished already. But, if you have removed a lot of material (ano is completely gone) then I would do it all the way around the pad. Just do one area at a time. Just a back and forth motion, and it should do the trick.

Ok cool thanks! Does having the ano gone there affect play at all?

It shouldn’t, but if may add a smidge of vibe. If this happens, do the same thing to the other half, and it should go away. It will affect the look, so it’ll look raw where it is gone. But truthfully, if the ano is still there with the 150 grit and the dings are fairly smooth, it won’t be gone. It’s pretty hard to sand off ano with 600 grit or above.

I did this exact same thing to my echo.