HELP needed!

I have a YYJ Revolution yoyo and when i try to twist and separate the 2 halves, it kind of skids and doesn’t let me open it.You could say its ‘sliding’ when i try to open it.Need help plz! :o :o :-\

It sounds like you have the same problem as this topic:

If it does sound like you have the same problem, please at least lock this thread (the lock button is in the lower left corner of the webpage) and follow the responses posted in that thread. If it turns out the problem with his yoyo isn’t the same as the problem with your yoyo, then let us know. :wink: (And don’t worry about it being a different yoyo. If it’s the same problem with different yoyos that are as alike as the DM2 and Revolution (and sometimes other yoyos), then it’s the same problem).