Broken DM2?

I gave my bro my dm2 to borrow for the day since i dont use at school. When he gave it back to me it played fine no diff. But when i i got a know and tried to unscrew the yoyo the yoyo wouldnt unscrew! Is this normal for a dm2 to wear out and not open anymore or did my bro accidentally overtighten it

pull apart whilst unscrewing. it seemed to help when mine wouldnt unscrew

He may have over-tightened it. I’m wondering if putting it in the freezer might help you have a chance of loosening it up a bit.

Suggestion for the future:
Show people some maintenance stuff or tell them to not mess with things they don’t fully understand, even if it’s as simple as a yoyo. Play it, fine. Take it apart? no, don’t unless there’s good cause.

yeah, that would work as well, from what i understand, metal is more affected by compression in cold then plastic

And, it’s the metal buried into the center of the yoyo that’s where the problem is, that should work.

Just something to add:

Keep your friends close, keep your yoyo closer.
(you honestly have NO idea what they are going to do to your yoyo!)

I had my DM2 sitting out and my brother in law threw it and then was complaining he can’t bring it back and said it was defective or broken. I said nothing is wrong with it… He didn’t believe me. I said “I don’t recall giving you permission to be messing with my stuff, so please don’t go throwing things that aren’t yours”.

Not even my kids mess with my yoyos. 2 have their own, 2 are too young. It was pain getting one of the ones too young to STOP messing with mine. Her last batch of “tricks” was to take it, unwind it, drop it and then go “daddy yoyo” despite the fact I’d been telling her repeatedly to not touch my yoyos. She had a cheap yoyo previously that she used to beat her brother with. Her brother and older sister HAVE yoyos. She can’t get her yoyo back until she’s like 4 or something. She has a tendency to bully and if that fails, use other means to achieve dominance. I fear there may be politics in her future.

wow well i hope that never happens to me

Do not put it in the freezer. The the sudden temperature changes will crack the solid spin axle. Trust me where I live it gets pretty cold and I accidentally cracked my hitman. The same thing happened to one of my friends.

Well, you can always get a new yoyo!