Dark Magic 2 won't unscrew :(

I hope no one yells at me for this, but here it goes…

A few days ago, I got a used DM2 from our BST here. It worked fine, but it was dead responsive even though it was a C sized bearing. I wanted to see if it was the bearing, so I grabbed the one from my YYF Whip. It was unresponsive, like it was supposed to be. So I keep it in (with the intention of cleaning the one it came with to see if that helped) and go to bed. Wake up, go to work with the DM2 in my pocket, and I come back to find that it wont come apart now :frowning:

Plays great, but when you turn either way, the halves neither tighten nor loosen. Is it dead forever?

I have other, better throws, but it kinda bugs me because I just got this one for the sole purpose of being a yoyo that I wouldn’t feel bad about getting a few dings in – a beater or pocket throw type thing. I just didnt want it to be THAT beat.

Thanks in advance for any help/advice!

I have had that happen to my axiom but I overtightened it (befor I knew better) and then it wouldnt come undone because the part that the axle screwd into broke in to two pieces… Did you overtighten it, because that could be the problem. Also does it play like it should, because if it does then you might have overtightened it. That is the only problem I can think of. Oh also my axiom was a total loss, yoyo and all.

One of the Solid spin inserts probably stripped the plastic. Check if on of the inserts is spinning while you try to unscrew it. If one side is, just put a dab of krazy glue in the space between the plastic and metal insert. And try to contact whoever sold it to you.

Sounds like something stripped. Overtightened a bit?
Try pulling it apart as you unscrew it.

Chances are it was the plastic surrounding the solid spin insert.

This happened to mine. I put super glue on the broken hub and that fixed it.

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Oh, you guys are absolutely right. I spin it, and the metal hub spins around too. Applied super glue to hold it in place. We’ll see what happens in a few minutes. Either way, thanks for a potential fix! I’m hopeful