DM 2 won't sleep

I have a DM2 that now won’t sleep and the narrow bearing goes deep into one half of the yo-yo. upon inspection the hub on that half appears to be pushed in a bit. Just enough to reduce the gap enough to make the narrow bearing unsleepable.

I’m too new at throwing to tell if I made a noob mistake or there is a defect with the yo-yo.

I did search the forums and didn’t find anything that directly applied to this situation.

other side

and this shows how deep the bearing sinks in.

First, there’s nothing that I can see wrong with the DM2. Maybe the bearing is kinda full of thick lube. Yo are talking about the thin bearing. Or that bearing could be messed up.

Also, where is your response pads? That’s going to be another issue too.

Does it just go down and die and spin out immediately?

I also think if the bearing goes down that far, you’ve got no bearing to work with. Did you get this used or new and if not new, was it modified? Something ain’t right. Do you have another bearing to work with?

Either way, you’ve got no response pads and the bearing looks seated too deep to me.

Wait, that doesn’t look like a stock solid spin axle. I wonder if the previous owner stripped it and had it modified… You might want to investigate shims.

I removed the response pads to replace them. I just took the pics while they were out. if you look at the pics of the 2 halves you can see one hub is clearly sitting deeper into the 1/2.

The response is automatic it immediately returns to my hand.

The “other side” looks right. The first side, there’s something ain’t right there.

Did you get this new or used?

Hit me up on the chat room, AIM or Yahoo for faster response.

Or call. Or text. Just be prepared, my phone doesn’t ring or beep for unknown numbers(something I haven’t saved and assigned tones to), so text might be best.

I got it new so other than the use I described above that’s all it’s done. I haven’t even dinged or scratched the metal so you can see I’m not bashing it into things.

sorry I can’t do chat at the moment I’m in my cube farm at work.

I’m wondering if you or someone sat on it or otherwise crushed it by accident. I’m also wondering if removing the cap, you can push the solid spin axle back out a bit. Otherwise, if it’s NEW NEW, and came that way, hopefully you can get that replaced. Your other choices are shims, mods or even with the SPEC bearing, it’s gonna be a bit grabbier on the response than you’d prefer.

Yes, it appears from the pix that there is clearly something wrong with the one half. The bearing seat/axle insert should be the same depth on both halves. It definitely appears damaged. Never saw anything like that before.

Ah, I think that I know what happened. Your yo-yo either broke from a defect, or you over-tightened it. In the picture, it appears that the bearing seat is pushed in (obviously), but that’s where the bearing sits on. The middle part of the bearing seat, the one that’s pushed in, might have been pushed back from too much force from the bearing when screwing the yo-yo back together. Try returning it if you just got it, and make sure you’re not over-tightening.

Take the caps off and see if the metal hub is sticking out on the inside. If it is, push it back in and superglue it in place.

Also, overtightening wont do that. What it would do is make it come loose.

Yup. Over-Tightening would actually do that because you could be stripping the threading on the axle or the area where the axle goes or both.

No, the axle hub is pulled into the shell. Over-tightening would not pull it that direction.

He’s right, because the bearing rests on the metal, so you’d be tightening to the bearing. Unless you were PUSHING really hard while tightening, but normally tightening should not be able to do that.

I’m positive I didn’t over-tighten it, but I don’t know how I possibly could have pushed in on it too hard. The only thing I can think of is that maybe one time I was putting it back together the bearing was sitting on the lip of the hub and pushed in on it that way.

I have it shimmed for now and it’s working but obviously not ideal for a brand new yo-yo. I’ll see about picking up a suction cup and pulling the cap off to take a look and possibly push the axle back in.

I emailed the reseller about it so we’ll see what they say. Should I possibly contact yoyojam?

HOw new is it?

If within the time limit, contact the seller first, then YYJ.

Try using tape to pull the cap out before spending money on a suction cup. Be generous with the tape. Make yourself a little pull tab and then yank hard.

I found a 2 pack of suction cups called power cups or something like that for 2 dollars at Lowe’s. And when they say power they mean it. Took the cap off nooooo problem getting the cap off the cup was harder lol.

So the axle is pushed out and it doesn’t want to budge to go back. I must have done something to push it out for it to resist going back like this.

Thoughts on safely pushing it back?

Push harder?

Shims will work but if you bought it new would probably want to get it replaced, etc. If you bought it from us we are always here to help:

Pushing harder did work however after about an hour of play it had slipped back out some.

And to yoyo expert I have purchased from you just not in this instance. I just needed the opinion of your large well informed community. Sorry to take advantage I just wasn’t getting useful info anywhere else.