help my purchase choice

should i buy a northstar with a bunch of maintinance and accesories (sorry if i spelled that wrong, and he accesories being a werred holster, monkey snot/flowable, several replacement axles, and a konkave bearing) or just a yoyofactory boss without accessories or supplies.

There are options at that price other then the Boss…

i already checked other options (capless and dv888 and yukksta) and the boss stands out

I enjoy the boss most of your choices. I have not had the luxury of playing the cap less.

I have not thrown a Boss but the Capless plays like a premium yoyo. I highly recommend it.

out of the two, i’d go with the northstar. the boss is a fantastic choice as well, though.

If you do buy the NorthStar it’s not really necessary to get replacement axles or a KonKave. Unless you’re really not careful and lose stuff easily you probably won’t ever need to replace an axle, and if you do your better off waiting so you can get the specific axle size you need. The Center Trac bearing that comes with the NorthStar is on par with a KonKave, no need to upgrade.

If you want to buy extras then make sure you get some string if you don’t already have stacks. A bearing removal tool is also great to have, though it’s not really needed for the NorthStar.

In regards to the actual question. They’re very different yoyos. The NorthStar is plastic and full-sized and the Boss is metal and undersized. If all you care about is performance then go for the NorthStar as it’s cheaper, but if you want a metal or undersized or even like the shape or look of the Boss more then get that.

thanks, want to buy the konkave to use with my other yoyos though, and i think i bent the axle on my skyline after i fell on it

after long thought and a few threads, i will soon try to buy the northstar plus extra stuff (and i have like 90 strings, im fine with that)

In that case go for it.

Save money by not getting the Monkey Snot and get flowable silicone instead.

If you get a Northstar, replacing the axle will be a major pain. Don’t sweat it.

The Werrd sling isn’t anything special.

Konkaves are nice, but they don’t always work great. It depends on both the combination of yoyo and thrower. The bearings are always great. It’s about finding that “perfect combination”.

So, with that in mind, skip the “accessories” unless you need thin lube and get the Boss and rock it!

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thanks but here the reason im getting these

1: my friend wants me to get some monkey snot and is helping me pay for it
2:the axle is for my skyline, not northstar
3: i want to buy a yoyo holder for around $5 and i think the werrd holster is cooler then the yyf or yomega holsters.

thanks studio, youve been a BIG help to me ever since i joined the forum.

Glad i can help.

Knowing all this helps. It’s hard to understand the full motivation behind certain things without knowing the back-story.

The Werrd holder is fine. I used it for a while. Still is fine, just, it’s effectively a silicone wrist band with a carabiner and a wood bead. I made my own using my own custom silicone wrist bands. I will say the Werrd ones are more durable. I do like those better than the YYF ones.

The Northstar is nice, one of my favorite plastics. I also have the Protostar. The BOSS just isn’t a model I’m interested in. I have played a Skyline and I didn’t care for it, but even so, it’s worth investing in a new axle if there’s a problem with the axle.

I wasn’t really impressed with Monkey snot outside of the concept of “less waste” but I already know how to minimize my waste with flowable and I can get flowable quickly.

I would NOT put a metal on that yoyo holder. Why? Too exposed, it would get dinged up. But I’d say that about any yoyo holder.

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the Totalartist yoyo hoders are the finest I’ve ever used. i would HIGHLY recommend them