Hey guys,
Yesterday was my birthday, (and birthday party) so I received a bit of cash. Can you guys help me find a good metal throw with stacks, that might be good with horizontal?

How much do you have to spend?

The only good throw with stacks that I can think of is the YYF Superstar.


I have 70 but I might need some to get a present for my friend. (Shouldn’t be much though, less than 20, maybe even 10).

So we’re looking at a $50-$60 metal with stacks. That rules out the Superstar. I’d suggest looking at MagicYoyos. Can’t for the life of me remember which model is which but quite a few have stacks and they play quite nicely. Alternatively, see what’s on the BST.


Sounds like your looking at a C3 DI Base. This Yoyo is not bad for horizontal due to it’s shape. This Yoyos shape has a great big v shape whenever you hold it it also has low walls which make it great for horizontal. Also If you really want stacks even though there a novelty get a theory I hear there really great.

Im not looking to get in too much with horizontal so it disentangle have to be really good. Also I was thinking myself about the DV888… What do you guys think? I think a couple of people are selling them on the BST.

Dv888 is great. Stacks are pretty much a novelty. They won’t be fun form long and you’ll probably end up faking them off. DiBase is great like Abby said.

Only the PGM has stacks under $100.

I would try to find a G5 on the BST. ( I have one on my bst but I don’t have the stacks.) it has the Z stacks which are easier to play with, but once you take them off it plays amazingly well.

Would you be cool with my price range? (For me to buy.)

Yeah that’d be cool. Like I said though, I don’t have the stacks. They sell Z stacks on YYE. I have a pair of extra white stacks from my 888x though if you wanted those.

Well, the Magic Yo-Yo N9 has Z-Stacks, and it’s not ver pricey, and they are actually quite nice!

I’ll look into it, but I think I’m going to go with Jagmcool’s offer.

Thanks To Everyone For The Help!

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