help me with suicide

ty in advance i have a velocity and a dm2 with a kk wich one would be easyier to use and this is hard any tips apriciated?

it is harder to do a suicide with a kk, as it keeps the string away from the response, the response often times help open up loops. good luck :slight_smile:

so responsive or un? ???

either. it is just easier with more response


Actually, unresponsive is fine. Responsive yoyo’s tend to grab the string a lot. Yes it opens the loop and whatnot but if it’s too responsive, you may not even be able to swing the slack.
Or the yoyo may bind up if you miss the slack. Even from a breakaway throw.

KK bearings can close the loops up but somehow, it opens mine up. I mean no disrespect or intentional arguement, but I prefer KK for suicides. It’s all personal preference. Sometimes it opens, sometimes it closes.

Hope it’s not too responsive.

I never had a problem doing a suicide or any suicide variation with a KK bearing… Just make sure that your string tension is fine and you open the loop before you toss it

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i didnt mean take a looper and try to use it. i meant, its EASIER with it, but i prefer to use dead unresponsive for suicides

thank you all i got it down pat :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congrats. I say that its mainly about technique anyway, responsive or unresponsive. It doesn’t matter.

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