Help me with my 5A! Please!

Right, I want like a decent routine that I can show off to my friends, I have one at the second that last about 20-30 seconds and it is quite good but I don’t think they will think much off it, I want it to be more WOW! rather that cools. At the second it has a lot of whips and a few counterweight realeases, 4 to be procise, some of the CW things are like: 360 release, double or nothing release etc. and the whips are just simple over whips.

I can’t do beesting though and I would like to add that in, but in general I want it more eye catching, help would be nice.

Thanks, Cameron.

well the routine you have now sound great so far. if your friends are non yoyoers, they will definitely go WOW. 5A is something non-yoyoers have not seenand is completely new t them. other than that all i can think of is learn bee sting and put it into your routine. or you can search more 5A tricks on youtube. mongoriller i think has great tutorials up.

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Yeh they are non yoyoers but they have seen me do stuff like braintwister along time ago!!

I will try and make a video of it as soon as possible probs will be up by tomorrow, but don’t hold your breath!!

braintwister and all those other tricks are intermediate 1A tricks. the 5A tricks that you have will probably be very new to them so don’t worry.

Here we go, I threw the video together over about 30minutes so yeh, and their is a spelling mistake in there so pre-bumb!

Hope you like it, and please tell me how you reckon I can improve and also another routine using some of the skills that you have seen in the video.

personally i love it. you’re way better than me! but i’m not sure about yur friends. the tricks would look the same for non yoyoers. stick to simpler stuff. do some pinwheel, 360 releases, nunchuck is popular one, and butterfly also looks pretty cool. what you did was awesome but maybe too flashy. i don’t know try that routine and show it to them. maybe they can appreciate it.

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any ideas on a second routine that I can do after that??

i’m not that big on 5A so not really but after you get to know more tricks. making combos would be like a daily routine. i’ll edit this post later and post some combos.

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