Help me spend my money

I have an itch that needs scratching. I don’t have a perfered style and I have many responsive and unresponsive throws.

I have been looking at the OD legendary Terrarian, Durendal, IQ, Kanto, I even was looking at a titanium RSO Bowl but a bit more than I wanted to spend. I like the idea of having side effects. My budget is roughly 150.00.

Please send some suggestions my way.


The LT is a great place to start with SE,the throw is big enough that it can take almost any SE and not feel like its too much. But I love Titanium you might be able to find some TI in the BST in that range probably not a bowl though but who knows.


Legendary Terrarian and IQ are super crazy fun yoyos. Highly recommend either one


Legendary Terrarian, IQ, and Kanto are all great. I’d go with:

LT - If you want to get into SEs. It’s a fantastic throw, as is the original Terrarian. OD doesn’t really miss.
IQ - If you want to clean up your form (add additional ‘steez’ as the kids say). Plenty of power and style, wonderful for learning since it goes where you put it and spins forever.
Kanto - If you want tust a great fun little bi-metal O to keep in your pocket or in your bag. Unexpectedly powerful for something of its size, in the best way imaginable. Great to have around and pull out on the go, or at home!


Personally I would take the $150 and buy a Legendary Terrarian and the pink Kanto that @Chriscatastrophe is selling for $40. That would be $100 if you can find an LT for $60 on the BST.

$50 could get you a second SE throw, or use it to fund your Ti, IQ, or Durrendal.


I’m selling 3 GWAYThrows, the Saboteur, Regulator, and Daredevil for $140. Each of them has its own personality and they are all equally fun to throw. I’m biased, but I can’t think of a better way to spend $140.


Cant go wrong with the Legendary Terrarian. Competition style with one drop flavor.


Lengandarian is my one of my favorite OD.

Oh….? I’m just lurking today…… but I saw your post……and I think you said you considered a Ti?
We’ll follow that lead to Luftverk! They have a very nice 7086 bi-metalwork/titanium 000……it’s quiet fast smooth No vibe very quiet too!!
Have a great day,

If you want SIde Effects hunt down a Summit! It will take a little looking around but you’ll have a piece that you’ll never want to get rid of.

Atmos Khuno is also worth mentioning but plays a little more rim weighted (bi-metal) than the Summit.

Both are sick fun with disk SE… if you like that heavier feeling.

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I would like to thank everyone for their input as I was able to scratch the itch for now.

Since I couldn’t decide I ended up purchasing the following:

Legendary Terrarian

I did look into a titanium throw but for the cost vs the minimal increase in performance I decided to increase my budget and get the other three.