Growing Up (Please Help)

So My birthday ::slight_smile: :smiley: ;D :o is tomorrow and I really want to move towards quality throwing. And what I mean is I want to start doing advanced combos and making my own tricks and just simply creating my style. So does anyone have any starting combos (to get me started on my path)(on youtube)as well as any good throws(I really like the lava and zeekio anarchist) to help at a reasonable price(under $68.00) ?(as well as anything else)

Thanks In Advance.


Sub $68 throws I’d recommend:
Yoyofficer Lava- Another Yoyofficer throw that feature a step straight body that is becoming a very popular shape in modern yoyo play. This is one of their newer models and feature some amazing anodizing work. It’s pretty fast on the string which I enjoy in my yoyos.

Duncan Torque- I was extremely excited to see a stepped profile yoyo enter the budget market. This is an amazing throw produced by Duncan and is surprisingly stable.

Yoyofactory Horizon- This is a very unique throw since it’s so massive. It’s oversize shape and concave cup for fingerspins make this a great buy considering it’s price of $45.

Yoyofactory Shutter- With the rally being the current king of plastics the shutter would be the king of budget metals on this market. It’s reputation only increased after being used to win the world yoyo contest.

C3 Level 6- Although it may not get as much recognition as the shutter the level 6 is another excellent yoyo. It’s a little bit more stable thanks to being thinner than the shutter and with the standard V shape that performs very well.

Werrd Minute- This is one of the few undersized yoyos I’ll be mentioning and the only budget undersized yoyo I find worth bringing up. Some people find that undersized yoyos are more comfortable in their hand and this is definitely one of those. Although the walls are not completed low walled it still performs quite well and doesn’t feel like a brick which tends to happen with undersized yoyos.

Onedrop Benchmark H- Many have their own opinion of the benchmark series and some will say the O or V are better. I already listed several V shaped yoyos so didn’t see the need for listing another. The O isn’t a very modem shape but if you do want a cheap organic yoyo it would be an excellent choice. The H however is my favorite. It has the most rim weight of the 3 thanks the the thicker rims which I like the feel of more since it tends to be more stable. I also haven’t listed many H shaped yoyos so figured it was a good one to bring up.

Yoyofactory Shu Ta- This is the improved 7075 version of the Shutter. Added r For some the added $20 isn’t worth it but the 7075 does increase the durability of the yoyo.

Werrd Eighty-Six 400- Another oversize throw like the horizon. I’m a fan of Werrd and this yoyo is the reason why. It’s surprisingly floaty and a lot of fun to play.