Help me out. Going on vacation, what two would you take?

Where is the Ditch in stock?

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Holy cow! Intro is small but ditch is tiny! Going to grab me one up too!

Dude, I love it. Best pocket throw ever and it slays if you are precise.


Man I really want to try one, I wish there was more in stock. I’m a huge fan of undersized throws and this looks great !!

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Button, mini star

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Snuck some Moonshine in the hotel


I read this thread before I left on my vacation for 3 weeks and ended up taking 3 yoyos: RBC, Recess Snack and a YoyoEmpire Boreas 2. My thought process was a responsive, a pocket unresponsive and a more full size with a dimple to practice finger spins.

Upon reflection I think for my next trip I’ll be taking the RBC and the Snack only (provided my current yoyo collection stays as it currently is). The RBC was great for more crowded areas as I could throw it down and do stuff one handed. The Snack was fun when I knew I was going to have a little more space or was in my room. The bigger plastic Boreas 2 only got played with a couple of times in the room and never carried ( and I’m still terrible at finger spins).


I would’ve voted the rbc and the prestige or hatrick.

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