Help me find my dream yo-yo

Hi guys I’m looking for my dream yo-yo- I don’t know what it is but I’m hoping someone here has a good suggestion.

What I’m looking for:

  • W shape
  • Preferably bi metal
  • Standard response pads
  • between 65 and 69g
  • good grind finish
  • C sized bearing

Does anyone know what yo-yo fits these specs off the top of their head?

I’m liking the OneDrop 2016 Benchmark W but the only thing missing is standard response pads (which is Not a deal breaker).

Any other suggestions?


Duncan Orbital GTX is what you want even though it’s a bit under 65grams.

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Check out Damian Puckett’s Brass rim wisteria

The Ethos?

YYF BiND checks those boxes

I would recommend the Unprld Nostalgia and Yoyofriends Raytracer.

Yoyofactory edge all the way. The edge 1.5 is 1-2 grams heavier if you prefer that.


Thanks guys this is helping heaps!

More to drool over…

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