Help me bring yoyoing into the light!

Yes, you heard it. I want to make yoyoing more than some weird thing people do. And I want to do this through the most professional YouTuber, WhatTheBuck. He is promoting talent on his new thing called BuckFactor. Mostly singers have gotten promotion, but I know you guys can get into this without singing at all.

WARNING: Some parts of video may be uncomfortable to some people. Mods take this down if you find it inappropriate.

This is a great opportunity for us and I think we should use it.

I don’t think so.

why not?

This guy is ridiculous. Maybe its an adult opinion but I just think this guy is a schmuck.

We must keep our secret art of yo-yoing a secret from the known world. Those who comment on our vids are part of the unknown world we are part of.


haha. I just think there are better ways! Like getting a group of people together and go to the mall. It doesn’t really take much to spark the interest. Videos usually don’t do it. Why do you think Duncan does their US tour? They could make some of the best video’s known to man but their presents makes things a whole lot different.

Team YYE Great Race!

or just send samad to represent us at something…
ninja skills…
this should be good.

Secret society…like the illuminati…lol

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Oh well I’m sorry that I can’t get together in a group. I have no chance to do so. Well I guess trying is pointless then.

I realize that was a joke, but that is still an incredibly stupid thing to say.

that guy is annoying
just throw and have fun
i would just like to see cash prizes for the people who compete