Help kwijibo, iron whip, boing

So i am having problems with boing-e-boing and iron whip. i cant seem to get the yoyo to boing in boing-e-boing, despite the fact i have been trying it for 2 weeks. if i move my throwhand in a horizontal motion it kinda boings, but i know im supposed to be able to do it with a vertical motion, is there any way to do it slow maybe?
My problem with iron whip is either that the yoyo hits the end of the string and comes down very fast when i pop it out of trapeze or if i raise my hand so it doesnt hit the end of the string i cant seem to whip it, am i just aiming wrong or something?
Finally in the last step of kwijibo when you pop from double or nothing into trapeze it leaves a loop around my freehand index thats quite annoying, does it count if i do a Houdini mount?,14954.msg150786/topicseen.html#msg150786 i hope this helps

yeah, i saw that topic after i posted. its been a help for iron whip. i am really curious if it still counts as kwijibo if i use a houdini mount so when i go from double or nothing into trapeze i dont get that loop around my finger

not on a trick ladder, if you get that loop on your finger, try curling your finger down so the front loop falls off or something like that, thats what supposed to happen.

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thanks for the advice. after working on it i found that curling my finger to drop the loop is successful and comfortable. has become second nature while doing this motion. thank you

I know you already got it but, what worked for me was actually trying to do it everyday. I got it down because I was practicing Nanda Kanda (i thinks that how you spell it) and I always dismount with ripcord for some reason. Both the tricks have elements of boingy boing but its very unnoticeable.

me i have trouble on all these tricks but with 3 years experience i had master them kwijibo the first the hop from one and a half mount to double or nothing is to make sure u put your finger straight under the yoyo when you cross your hands . iron whip practice whiping the string around while yoyo is dead. boing e boing make sure the string is alined and move your hand up and down when your doing the trick

I find sometimes that if the yoyoexpert tutorials just don’t make sense I go and look at another website.

Rethink Yoyo has some good tutorials if you need a second source.

Just remember, Boingy-Boing is a TOUGH one! It took me months to finally get it down. Don’t make it the main trick focus, just do it every now and then.

My tips are to do a couple of barrel rolls first… It gets the momentum going as well as straightening the strings to do the boings, it also makes them shorter so it’s harder for the yoyo to fall out of the mount!

Just keep at it and eventually you’ll get it!

i still cant do boing-e-boing. its very hard for me and to be honest i should try it more often if i ever want a chance of being able to do it. that was a good vid and a good reminder. thank you guys.