help finding upgrade from FH Zero?

I have always used a FH Zero for easy stuff, but now that i am trying more advanced tricks i cant seem to sleep it nearly long enough. Also, i only have 1 completely worn friction sticker inside to make it unresponsive but it doesnt bind well at all. I want to upgrade to something with metal edges from YoYoJam. Im looking for something with similar shape to the FH Zero, but change in size or weight is ok. The most important thing to me is something that will bind and sleep very well. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it ;D

If you want to stay on the inexpensive side, I recommend the Plastic Grind Machine

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Try a Dark Magic, it’s not that much more expensive than a Plastic Grind Machine.

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ya i was kinda between that and hitman. i wasnt sure whether i should get a hybrid or a double o and use silicone

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There are many different metal rimmed yoyos that will work absolutely wonderful. To me it seems like most of them won’t quite be the same shape, but variety doesn’t hurt. As far as YYJ goes for that, there is the Dark Magic, the Hitman (YYJ hybrid response or dual o-ring response), Black Knight, Sigma Blade Zwei, New Breed, Mini Mo-Tu, Mini Mo-Trix, Speeder, and X-ConVict, just to name a few. You won’t go wrong with any of these, so just stare at them for a while to decide which shape you think you like the most.

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what would be better - o rings or a hybrid?

I would also have to go with the Plastic Grind Machine, I like it much more then the Dark Magic.

Another inexpensive choice would be a YoYoJam Legacy as well. Both are avaibale on this site:

Plastic Grind Machine:

However, don’t forget to check out my buying guide:,3479.0.html

And neither is better actually. It is based on personal preference, which you will hear a lot of while yoyoing. :slight_smile: I like the O-Rings more, however for the option of siliconing.

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thanx for the help all! last thing - i have narrowed it down to the Plastic Grind Machine and Hitman. at this point price isnt an issue so im just looking for opinions on which is better, or a comparison of the 2. thanx again everyone!! ;D

Honestly, the Hitman and Plstic Grind Machine are two awsome yoyos. If I had to choose, I would die! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Pick whatever one looks better for you, or just flip a coin.

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I would get PGM but both will perform very good. However you can sillicone recess your FHZ and it will be amazing.

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I think the Hitman or Hybrid Hitman would be right for you. It has the metal rims like you said, can sleep long, has a very comfortable feel, and is perfect for what you said. :wink:

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