Help DMII plastic frosted

So I was polishing it and got some (Sandpaper) on the plastic and now it’s like frosted looking. Is there a way to fix this?

Plastix Polish. You can pick some up at wal mart. I just use vaseline though, works for me.

Vaseline works?

EDIT thanks yoyospirit. normal again

I apply mine by high friction on a drill until it heats up and becomes more of a liquid. What’s your process?

I rubbed it on then wiped it off when spinning on a drill.

Alright, now it’s the same problem again. Except this time it won’t absorb the Vaseline. And there’s a layer of dirt in between the rims and the plastic.

Clean it with soap and water and try the vaseline again.

Clean it w/soap and water, then try some 1000 grit wet/dry paper used wet. After that use some of the plastic polish that auto parts stores sell for refinishing headlight lenses.