Help Deciding?

I’m looking for something different that can still handle it all, not too light, or too heavy.

DANG, Supra, Addiction, or any other recommendations?

Thanks for any help!

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With the Dang, you have the weight choice by switching out Side Effects.

Really, most any modern yo can handle it all. The real question is, “Is the player capable of doing it all?” Whatever “all” is. Pick the weight you want, the shape you like, the color you prefer, and stand up and make the choice. I don’t know of anyone that is capable of doing it “all” or even making the choice for you.

It’s nice to see someone who isn’t afraid to think about using something different, but why not go all the way and be different. Decide what you want and go for it! Why are so many so timid when it comes to selecting a yo?

Hmmm…Maybe this reads a little harsh…It’s not meant that way. I just think it’s cool that you aren’t limited by the hype but yet I’m perplexed by this need that permeates the community for choice validation.

Anyway thanks for being bold enough to look at something different.

I see exactly what you mean. :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go for the DANG. I have to try side effects.

The Dang is an awesome throw. Mine felt a little light the first couple of throws but only slightly, and when I throw something heavier I dont feel weird.