Help Deciding


So yea, the title says it all. I need help deciding which to pick out of the following:

-Werrd Poo
-Spy Speed Freak
-One Drop 54

So you might have noticed that these yoyos are all really light, and that’s just the way I like 'em. I’m trying to get my combos as fast as possible so which do you think would be great for having a long spin, stable, and plays hard and fast. Also, I like a wide gap, but that doesn’t really matter I’m just sticking to light and fast.

Recommendations will also be very appreciated.


(laxdude99) #2

Out of your choices my favorite would be the spyy speed freak but i would recommend the gnarwhal its mid sized, plays really light, and can go crazy fast


Cool, thanks.

I like the Spy Speed Freak too, but if only it had better colors :stuck_out_tongue: I guess color doesn’t matter as far as play goes, though.


clyw cheif light version if u can get it is amazing or wait for the code 2


The Chief is a little pricy for me at the moment, and Code 2?