Help choosing yoyos!

I say we should cut back on the forum space, and make a post meant just for helping choose yoyos. There are so many “Should I buy this or Should I buy that” post, it is taking up the whole looking for help/recommendation section. Like right now, I need to now what is better Electric Daisy or DV888, and which is better for 4a, Fiesta or Bigyo? So who thinks this is a good idea?

i think its a good idea. maybe we could do a thing like in the bst were one person gets only ONE thread forevor or has to only have 1 thread. it would save space and it i think would keep things organized. i hate seeing so many threads like that and its really annoying

Thank you.

That is the purpose for the “Looking for help/recommendation” thread.
Electric Daisy and Fiesta.

To get away from all the this or that posts, and put it in 1 post. So much crap on here, that ypu can barely find your post. Thanks for the recommendation.

People would have more troubles finding their one post in the hundreds of posts that would potentially be made in this one thread.

There is absolutely no way that you would be able to get anywhere near everyone to post in one thread. We have enough trouble getting them to post in the proper section. It’s just going to happen.

Electric Daisy is not better than the DV888, nor is the Fiesta better than the BigYo. It’s all a matter of preference.

yeah that is the purpose of looking for help/recommendations. remember RECOMMENDATIONS.

brian is right (again!). it is too hard to get people to put this in the right section, let alone one post.

btw, this should go in site recommendations and bugs.

No because I also wanna know which is better.

yeah i was just making a joke. i would say that the dv888 is a yoyo that a lot of people go for, but you should also try rec rev. i love that company. and i have the big yo and it doesn’t seem to spin long enough to do many 4a tricks.