Help choosing a 3a set


I am debating on which 2 sets to get I was thinking

Recrev Oktave 3s

Recrev Facades

Werrd Hours

It would be appriciated if you could tell me which sets i should get ;D


I’d suggest two TP Maxbets. but they’re uber expensive. so I’m guessing that’s not the feedback you want.

(UmeNagisa) #3

Werrd Hours

But first let me ask,
Skill level?


I can do a little advanced stuff mostly looking to get this set to get serious though

(UmeNagisa) #5

In that case,
Those yoyos are good, but not ideal for 3A
To get really serious I’d recommend a Pair of Tridents.

And another EXCELLENT choice is Phenomizms.

Personally I would go for Tridents

I’m trying to get a pair of Gleipnirs as I have 1 and it’s feels like a perfect 3A yoyo


Man I need more money 3a is expensive haha :smiley:


a pair of echos is a great 3a set plus they’re cheaper

another idea is something im looking at getting myself… a pair of remnant/remnant 2’s


I’m always looking for good 3a yoyos right now I use cafe racers

(UmeNagisa) #9

Haha, I guess so!

Also! I forgot!
STYY Bandits!
Try those if you can!