Help choosing a 3a set

I am debating on which 2 sets to get I was thinking

Recrev Oktave 3s

Recrev Facades

Werrd Hours

It would be appriciated if you could tell me which sets i should get ;D

I’d suggest two TP Maxbets. but they’re uber expensive. so I’m guessing that’s not the feedback you want.

Werrd Hours

But first let me ask,
Skill level?

I can do a little advanced stuff mostly looking to get this set to get serious though

In that case,
Those yoyos are good, but not ideal for 3A
To get really serious I’d recommend a Pair of Tridents.

And another EXCELLENT choice is Phenomizms.

Personally I would go for Tridents

I’m trying to get a pair of Gleipnirs as I have 1 and it’s feels like a perfect 3A yoyo

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Man I need more money 3a is expensive haha :smiley:

a pair of echos is a great 3a set plus they’re cheaper

another idea is something im looking at getting myself… a pair of remnant/remnant 2’s

I’m always looking for good 3a yoyos right now I use cafe racers

Haha, I guess so!

Also! I forgot!
STYY Bandits!
Try those if you can!