3a help

I’m a huge noob in 3a and have now idea what to do? What should i look for in a good set? Do you know any placee that has trick tutorials? any help would be great thanks. btw would protostars be a good set

Large rims.
Heavier weight, for stability.
Low walled so string hits are easier.
Smaller width for precision
Diameter shouldn’t be smaller than 52mm.

A Great beginner set would be YYJ Chasers!

ProtoStars would work, but chasers are much better, as the gap is larger and catches are easier!

And an upgrade would be Phenomizms.

And then you can explore from there on!

I personally Favor Oxygene Ozones

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Protostars are not the best choice for 3A play. Keep in mind that for 3A, you will have to move your yoyo’s between many segments that are quite small. So having yoyos that are slimline would be ideal.

Like mentioned, the chasers would be a great choice and probably the best choice that I can think of right off the bat. If you can spend a bit more, the yoyofactory MVP’s are also a good choice as they are slimline, and have great rim weight for good consistent spin times.

Good luck with your 3A journey! Its a tough style but with dedication, its very possible.


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Thanks guys i going to go with the chasers once i get enough money