Help building a case

Hey. I decided to make my own case. Is there any reason that makes better putting a yoyo horizontally on the case with a circular hole instead of putting them vertically on a squared hole?Thanks


You get to showcase the cup, but I’d say a square is better, because then you can put the yoyo in any orientation

Edit: nvm I’m thinking of a display case

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Probably not, but for aesthetic reasons I find hard to articulate, it weirds me out that the yo-yos would be like


instead of like

… inside the case.


Thanks. I saw all cases with horizontal position so I thought it would be for some “important” reason jaha.

Hi I’d consider doing both, check it out…

Best of luck with the homemade case, I’d love to see your finished project!


Wow yours look great. Since I ordered everything from China it will be a few weeks until I can do it haha!

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Thanks man, I started that case a decade ago and it’s evolved quite a bit in design over the years :grinning:


I like them to lay flat because there’s less of a chance of them knocking together when traveling. I’ve had yoyos get dinged by standing vertically in the case. If they are oriented vertically like in boywithcap’s example, then that’s better, when they are close together, you run into the risk of potentially damaging the goods.