Help an older guy out

So here’s the story.  I used to be heavily into yoyoing back in the late 90s and early 2000.  I was in college, and we used to stay up late yoyoing and studying.  I remember that my fingers used to bleed after some of those sessions.  Anyway, I haven’t been into the scene now for close to 15 years, and I’m looking to get back into it.  What yoyo (or yoyos) would you guys recommend these days?  For further background, I used to like the following:

I used to really like the above yoyos.  I had a bunch of others, but they were either just ‘OK’ or I didn’t like them.  I specifically remember my superyo renegade gen2.  I liked it OK, but felt it was a bit too heavy.  I looked over the ‘recommended’ list on here, and it seems that a lot of these pieces are even heavier than my old renegade.  That gave me pause, and was the original reason I thought to make this thread.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

edit: it was a super spinfaktor.  That was the yoyojam piece that I used to like.

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Get a YoYoJam Classic with a C size bearing or Replay Pro.

That’s a good list…I still have them all somewhere.  I’d recommend something simple to jump back in and learn binding and other necessary evils of today’s yoyoing. The Yoyojam Classic is an excellent (and cheap) choice, as is the Yoyofactory Replay. If you’re like looking for metal I’d heartily recommend the OneDrop 2014 Benchmark series, the new Yoyofactory CzechPoint or Shutter, or something in the new Rebellion budget line. So much choice in the ~$50 metal range right now.

Welcome back!

Are you looking for a looping yoyo or an unresponsive one for 1A string tricks?

Proyos are still around and still great, but I’ll recommend something like modded Raider/Fireball for 2a (two handed looping), I know guys from back then don’t mind fiddling around modding something simple.

For 1a you may wanna learn how to bind. Some Yoyojams that has metal rims are Speeder, Hitman, Dark Magic, maybe one of those was what you got back then. They updated the response system from hybrid to the less snaggy response pads. Keep in mind that probably most modern metals will feel really heavy on the rim and are generally really wide.

Thanks, everyone. Lots of good advice in here. A lot of my old yoyos used to have an adjustable string gap. Is that still a thing?

Nope, they are unreliable especially with wider gap setting, most people always set up the widest gap anyway, and the last thing you want to happen is the yoyo take apart every now and then in the middle of a trick. Adjustable gaps is almost exclusively for 2a yoyos now.

Story of my life XD, I knew I wasent the only one. Your going to fall in love all over again! I’ve got a YYF shutter and it feels great. I’m new so I can’t recommend any but I did the research and ended up with a shutter and its capable of doing all the new modern tricks. Once i get good I’ll spend a good 150 on a throw, my Yoyo muscle memory came back so fast it was crazy! I was binding and doing barrel rolls and triple trapezes on my first day.  if I had to give you some advice I would say practice different Binds first before you learn tricks. Some binds amazing!

I think I’ll come up to speed on the binds pretty quickly. My main piece used to be my custom reactor, and it had brake pads that I would never like to replace. The thing would never respond to a string tug, so I came up with a few basic ‘binds’ on my own back then. ;D

I think I’m pretty dead set on either a Shutter or a Czech Point. I kind of like the shape of the CP, so I’m leaning in that direction.

Yes its good choice.

Some under 50 metals that could work are the Too HOT, Horizon, and Kilter 2. CzP is really great as well.

EDIT: and the dv888, a classic.

Just a quick update. I got the czech point, and like it a lot. It doesn’t feel as heavy as I thought it would, which is very good. I’d say that my skills have come back about 95% where they were when I left off all those years ago. I was hitting suicides and iron whips within minutes of picking it up! Still getting a bit used to binding, and my speed is definitely not where it was, but I’m happy that I was able to hit all the old 1A tricks.

I also got a bunch of string from the yoyoexpert store, so I’ve been trying them out to see what I like. So far, I like the string that the CzP came with the best, but I don’t know what type this is. The kitty string that I’ve been using so far feels a bit rough, doesn’t bind well, and is a bit too ‘springy’ for my taste. I got a bunch of different Kitty variants to work through, as well as some demon string and something else I forget the name of.

Now the task will be to update my 1A repertoire. I’m working on the Yuuki slack now and want to start learning some grinds. Lots of neat fun tricks have been invented since 2000/2001! I’d also like to see where my 2A skills currently sit. Thanks again for all the help, fellas.