Help a noob?

Ok, so I’ve been interested in yoyoing for a little while now. Been playing around with what I got. I want to get into tricks, cool stuff.
Where should I start?
I have a Duncan Butterfly and at the moment can’t afford anything else. So far I can do stupid little stuff like the Eiffel Tower and the Cradle.
I’m looking for tips to use, things to practice, what to focus on, that kind of stuff. Any suggestions?

Well you apparently aren’t really a noob…

Just keep working on what you know. Maybe try a few of the harder tricks on this site.

maybe you should try out some of the easer things on the intermediate section, get a good man on the trapeze because thats the start of a lot of the harder tricks, or a lot of the harder tricks have a veration of it like dubble or nothing.

And even if it’s supurflus (spelling mabey?), which it is for a butterfly, try getting the binding motion if possible. That will help in the future so much it’s crazy.

thanks for the help guys. i’ll definitely check out the intermediate section and work on the binding motion

Like the others said, start with the small and easy stuff. Practice makes Perfect. Then you can start with the “cool” stuff.

I would say spent some time practicing catching it on the string like trapeze. Also I would practice the split bottom mount.

The way to do your Yo-Yoing journey

  1. First, you have to know how to do Walk the dog, Rock the baby, and Around the world cause if your caught in public with a Yo-Yo, at least one of those tricks will be requested.

  2. Next, buy a Duncan Mosquito (They are usually available at Wall-mart and they’re only $5:98 each). A Mosquito is the cheapest Ball-bearing Yo-Yo I’ve ever seen, so I would go with that for now.

  3. Learn A couple more beginner tricks if you want, then learn Braintwister, and Trapeze. The best way to learn Trapeze is to first learn to do Breakaway really well, then let the Yo-Yo hang at the end of the string, not spinning(that way you don’t have to deal with throwing and catching the Yo-Yo), and swing the Yo-Yo over your finger so that it hits the string. Once you can do this and hit the string consistently, combine it with a Breakaway. If it lands on the string, don’t stare in awe, just let the Yo-Yo spin for a second and then pop it of the string and catch it. I’ve seen a bunch of people finally hit the string, and then just stare at the Yo-Yo and go “Whoa! I did it!” and then, the Yo-Yo stops spinning and falls off because they didn’t bother to catch it.

  4. Once you can do Trapeze 4 out of 5 times you try it, learn Double or nothing. Once you can do Double or nothing consistently, learn The Matrix. By now you can try a Wrist Mount. If you can do Double or nothing easily, the Wrist mount wont be to hard. Learning how to do tricks with a Wrist mount is another story, but you can walk up to anybody and do a Wrist mount by itself and they’ll freak out. Now try stuff like the 1.5 Mount, Split the Atom, Cold Fusion, and anything else that’s not to complex.

  5. By now a Mosquito is probably holding you back(whether you realize it or not), so invest in a YoYoJam Journey. A YYJ Journey is only $15.00, plus shipping, which will probably be around $5.25, so your looking at roughly $20.00 to buy a Journey. Eventually go for something like a YYJ Leagacy. Now you should learn how to Bind and get into some more complex string tricks.

  6. Here’s where we skip a year or two of practice: By now you are so good you can do almost all the Tricks here on YoYoExpert. Now you can make a video showing off your talent. Video tips; film it outside on a cloudy day with no wind, and use a song that works well with the tricks you do, not a song that doesn’t sound good when played with Yo-Yo tricks(Like some Heavy Metal song, or some Rap song, or Mexican Disco music, or…well, you get the idea).

  7. Keep on practicing…someday you might win a major competition!

Hope this helped!

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The Mosquito is a good thought, just bear in mind that once you move to a yo-yo that requires pads you have to start factoring in maintenance costs. I noticed when I had my Mosquito that the pads would wear out quickly (within a week) and I wasn’t able to find replacements locally so I tried making my own, which didn’t work nearly as well. Though there may be an alternative that works well…

Haha get it? (Bearing? Haha)

YoYoAce, nice try, but that’s kind of biased, among other things. There are many good plastic yoyos out there, all of which you could learn binding on. Also, the Mosquito won’t “hold back” somebody if they are good enough.

ApeTrunk, I first started with a mosquito and at a certain point I couldn’t go any further in tricks until I got my DM. As soon as I did I was learning new tricks hourly. Though I suppose it could have been psychosomatic because I really wanted a DM and needed a reason to spend the money.

Believe me, I know there are better Yo-Yos, but the Mosquito is available at Wall-mart, plus, he said he couldn’t afford a better Yo-Yo, but a Mosquito is WAY better then a Butterfly and doesn’t cost much. And by ‘hold back’ I mean that that once you get to a specific skill level, better Yo-Yos can let you learn faster. The Mosquito was my second Yo-Yo, so I highly respect it’s potential, but once your good enough, and your using a cheap Yo-Yo, better Yo-Yo=learning faster. I am not a professional Yo-Yo teacher, but this guy wanted advice, so I offered all I knew.

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Kind of true, but that’s what I was aiming at.

i would say work with what you have and save up money and go right for the duncan freehand zero so you can learn your binds once you master your binds you could get a yyj legacy. i have a legacy and i can do most expert string tricks. keep on rocken ohh and if you absolutly cant buy a yoyo then try doing looping tricks their pretty cool to mess around with and theirs some sweet tricks with it. maby some friends could kick in 2 or three bucks to get a cheep yoyo?

I would like to suggest on working on your throw, and what I mean by that is make sure the yo-yo is straight, so when you get to more advance string tricks, you will have a long enough sleeper to do the tricks, then you won’t have to go back and focus to much on improving your throw, but don’t get me wrong, you can always improve it.
I hope this helps.