Hello YoYoExpert!!!... And Maryland?

Hey everyone!

I’m new here at YoYoExpert but I’ve been around on other forums for quite a while. I just randomly met ratfacedudeguy from here when I was out shopping with my girlfriend the other day. Turns out I used to work with his girlfriend a while back. Weird though, I’ve never just ran into someone who’s actually is into yoyoing like I am… Anyway I told him I’d make an account here so I did! Are there any other people from Maryland hiding on here that I don’t know about?.. Here’s a picture of me digging out of that crazy blizzard that we just had like any real man would. If you see me around, stop me and let’s trade some tricks. Although I must warn you, I’ll probably be fully clothed if you run into me in public.

  • Jon


Cold? :smiley:

Welcome to teh forums!

welcome to yoyoexpert, how long did you stay out shovling snow in shorts like that?

Just long enough to take a few pictures. Haha. It wasn’t that cold until people started throwing snowballs at me… Not cool man, not cool.

yeah I fiugred you wouldnt have out there very long, the snow balls thing would have been funny for everyone but you right.
I have never seen snow like that down here in aust its rare that I even go to the snow being that our snow season is fairly small. >:(

Thats not funny, you should really be wearing a hat. ;D

At least I’m wearing boots. I think that should count for something!

it seems to be *cold *;D

Your um… pretty tough to go to the snow half naked. :smiley:

Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums! It’s nice to see fellow members here incourage more people to join :). If you have any questions feel free to make a thread and ask!

Thats cool, im in Maryland too. That blizzard was crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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