Hehe... another question- How to set a YYJ for Mods

Okay, I just got my drill back, and I seem to be modding everything I can find. (Even my oboe reed case!) So, I was wondering how to set up a YYJ to mod the inside of it, like the response side, because I can’t figure out how to set it up with the inner side facing out.

You can’t really do it with a drill. Unless you cut the nub off in the hub area. Then you can get a longer setscrew and screw it in from the back.

I only pulled this off once by heading off to lowes and getting a very long axle screw, that way I could get my hand around to the inside of the yoyo to do a recess. I wouldn’t ever do it again, though… all facts considering it was one of the messiest jobs I ever did even though it worked. It’s not stable enough to be considered worth trying.

could you thread the hole all the way through using a tap? as long as the threads match wouldnt that work?

So almost impossible…

You could but then you take the chance of braking the nub off and causing it to look terrible and also cracking the hub.

The only even remotely safe way to do this would be to file off the back of the hub so that you can thread a long axle all the way through it… but it’s going to look terrible since you’ll have no hub on it anymore.



Guy’s you should remember that not everything needs to be modded. Honestly there are very few yoyo’s that “need” to be modded. The rest can do whatever throw at it. Especially the yoyo’s made in the last 5 years. I only mod yoyo’s because they are either broke or pathetic yoyo’s. Or the money is good.

Actually… I’m getting this speeder from a guy… and I don’t like the Starburst???
Anyways, I was thinking of sanding down the starburst and inserting a dot-brake mod. I just need to know, the thickness of the speeder is the same right? So I can dot-brake as deep as the o-ring side, and it’ll come out right right?