Hedgehog Concepts (Trying to find a machine shop! + Pics added)

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Second sketch might come if the wall isn’t thick enough.


One thing to look out for is too much rim weight. It will cause a horribly unforgiving throw and vibe issues. As One drop taught me Avoid large amounts of axial rim weight.

It takes allot more than people think to design a proper stable SMOOTH spinning yoyo. You can be off a thousandth of an inch and it will be a problem.

That design looks great though keep it up!!!

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Do most protos start a 300 for one yoyo?


Looks sharp. Tone down the edges a bit… Round them more. I can imagine that hurting.


no no no. protos should cost generally less than $100 most of the time. Foxland charges $70 and one drop does 60. (this is just my experience)

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Don’t go asking for one proto. It’s far cheaper to get 5 yoyo’s compared to one. If you get one it would probably be $300 for the programming and $25 for machining. If you get 5 its more reasonable. Probably $300 for programming and $125 for machining. Those are just estimates based on the prices I’ve seen named.

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It was foxland who was requesting 300 when they replied back. :s


foxland charges $300 for FOUR prototypes. $75 per yoyo.

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Oh… I’ll double check on that. ^^

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Did they tell you about programming costs? Because these prices seem completely off.


Actually, I think that includes programing costs, but I’m not sure. They told me $300 for 4 yo-yos, so I just figured it into 75 each.


It’s a fixed price. Doesn’t change. You pay $300 and get 4 protos. No discussion. Each yo-yo figures to be worth $75, but you can’t ask for one and pay $75. Doesn’t work like that. The $300 does include programming and such as well.

Hope this clears things up :slight_smile:



Yeah. And its the same deal with Onedrop roughly. $600 gets you 25 HALVES. They generally make a couple mistakes so you end up with 10 yoyos. But that $600 covers every step of production, as long as you come in with a sketch. It can even be rough and not exact.

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I got a dwg set up on my student version autoCAD for foxland to do a couple of yoyos.

I just need to know if the student version is okay and need to raise $300.

BTW the yoyo is a small bearing and is 53.78 mm in diameter

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The small bearing thing, did you consider a “D” bearing? Fewer snags, and if you want, you can get 5x11x4 bearings.

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Yea, I want this yoyo to be me though. And I love A-Sized bearing yoyos. I want this to be 60% me, 40% competition style.
I do mostly use C and D sized bearings in my other designs. (in total of about 7 for HC)

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Oh, ok. You want it to be about design.

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BST to raise money. :slight_smile:

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Should I worry about the legal stuff after?