Way to make a sick day better!

So today I’m at my grandmother’s house staying home from school sick. :frowning:
So then my grandmother asked, “Andrew, what do you want for Christmas?”
So I said, “I want a yoyo.”
“Well how much?”
“45 bucks.”
“Well lets get it.”
Now I have a delrin Severe coming my way for Christmas. Can’t wait!!

(SR) #2

When she said “How much” you should’ve said 5.

As in you want 5 yoyos. haha




I’m home sick, too, man. going back tomorrow. strep throat. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s totally like a grandparent, they always spoil you, in a good way.


Same situation. Not sure if it’s strep, but my throat hurts really bad.


Yup. Suckishly, I’m really craving andy capp’s hot fries right now…


You know the part I find fascinating?

Your grandmother didn’t seem to question the price. Is she more aware of the prices of the stuff? If so, then good for her!


Hope you guys feel better I’m not home sick but you know… homeschool…


Well she knows that SOME stuff is expensive. Like when I had my Code 2, she said, “Oh that one looks nice. How much was that?” I tell her and she accepts it I guess. Last year I got a Protostar, so this is only a ten dollar difference.