Heavy YoYo's

I love heavy and big YoYo’s. I love the DM and DNA for that fact. Are there any yo’s out there that anyone can think of that are roughly the same size, but lik 75 grams? I guess te Dif-e-yo Tank is with weight rings, but any others? I would LOVE to see YYJ come out with a plastic/metal yo that’s 2.30"H and 73+ grams. I was PUMPED when I saw people talking about the New Breed being heavier than the DM. But YoYoGuy.com is claiming the weight at 68g, 2 less than the DM.

What do you think? Any other heavy, fat yoyo’s out there?

Black Knight, Mutant DNA.

BigYo. Not really. The New Breed feels wayyyyyy heavier than the DM. It is wayyyyyy fatter too. Fat Magic.

I love big yoyos as well! The Pyro and Peak are really good choices. The pyro you should be able to get for less money on the Buy/Sell/Trade section than a Peak.

How about a Pure?

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I’m not looking forward to a $240 yoyo :slight_smile:

According to YYG
New Breed
Shape: Concave
Material: Combined (Mixed Materials)
Diameter: 56mm
Thickness: 43mm
Weight: 68gm

Now I heard somewhere that they made a change from the proto to the actual release, did that affect the weight? I guess you played a proto (as the releases aren’t available for another 2 days)? And it looks only 2mm wider.

The Mutant DNA should be perfect for you. It’s slightly wider and heavier than the DNA. You’re lucky, it’s still IN STOCK HERE: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyofactory/dna/

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