Heavily Modded FH2 (Hellfire Freehand 2)

This was a red Freakhand I had picked up from Toysrus. As you can tell by the title, many mods were done to this yoyo. This Freakhand had the pad recess deepened to accept silicon, a schmoove ring was added, it was reshaped to have a flat rim, and then was painted and spiked. Enjoy the pics!

The hub was actually shortened so the spike was easier to access, as you can see from the photos.

And of course, the schmoove ring and silicone.

Overall, this Freehand plays much better than before and also no longer needs tuning!

Looks dope

I would have done SPR’s, but sweet! ^^ Ninja’d

That is the coolest plastic colorway I have ever seen. Nice mods.

:o :o you have created a monster… haha it looks awesome :smiley: