Need a mod


Well i have a freakhand that i want to mod, I DO NOT HAVE A LATHE! What do you recomend?


Sili recess,weight rings and buy some mod spacers too


Which freakhand did you get? If you buy all 4, you can score your self a free tshirt from Duncan.


Recess it.,15085.0.html


What exactly does it not do that you think modding it would achieve? How does it not meet your needs and desires?


I just want it to play better

Where do i get weight rings?

Clear black, forgot the name, but it has something to do with a pirate




As I recall that is basically a FH/FH2 - those play pretty good in my recollection. It already has the recessed sili response, which is the most common mod for these. Other than that you’re talking major surgery. What does yours do that you don’t care for?

Hardware store.


In the plumbing section…

Just clean the bearing for unresponsive play, you could fill the recess with silicone, if you prefer it over Duncan Stickers