Any Freehand 2010 or FHZ Modders????

How do i get a hold of ricerocket or anyone else that can mod my freehand 2010s and fha

i want reshape,siliconed,highwall,large bearing,dye,paint,and hubstack

any of those mods will do really want reshape,hubstack,and large bearing

thank you and god bless

Why don’t you just get a better yoyo?

i already have many better yoyos i just want a all out modded fhz, everything modded

I can do large bearing/ silicone or hat pad resposne for $25 shipped

^^^ = Amazing deal

New Idea… Crucial SPR’s

landon pm me bout it this 1 i already have siliconed by modfather

It’s tough if it’s pre siliconed, the ID of the silicone groove can’t be less than about ~.540"

That’s why I like the GM2; it feels like an FHZ with all of the mods already done to it.

i have a gm2 also:)