Having some problems with the AIGR bearing


So yeah, I’ve had the 5Star for a while. (Its my brother’s actually)

The AIGR bearing has been acting weird letely.

Its not spinning to well, and its stuck in the bearing seat.

I can’t clean it since its stuck (Yes, I have tried pliers) and the lube does help a bit, but the bearing uses it up super fast.

Any thoughts?


remember, wiggle, not pull.


I know, that’s what I’m doing


Put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes.

Take out, pliers, BAM.

That’s how it works :wink:

(Make sure not to leave it too long or else may damage it)


Wow…it worked!

turns out there was a shield between the bearing and the seat, so that’s what slowed it down, but the silicone wore out now.

Anyone know what pads these are, or just flowable silicone?


General-Yo Gen Pads.


Oh, I didn’t know this was a .555 groove, I’ll put in chaz pads and silicone stickers. (Same setup as M1)


Really? I thought they used One Drop Pads.

Were the pads clear, or orange?