Have you noticed


Have you seen that the catch zone of the H.O.T kinda looks like the catch zone of a cascade


Yep, it’s a yoyo shape, just like v or h shape. I think it’s called bell shape or something like that?

(SR) #3

With how many yoyos are out there, and considering the limitations of yoyo design, yoyos are inevitably going to look like each other. No one is copying anyone, it’s just how it is. No point in fussing about it.


It’s called the bell shape. I’m pretty sure the SPYY Orbitron 5000 is this shape also


The orbitron looks more like an organic shape to me


im not fussing I was just pointing it out. But yeah I agree since most yoyos ar around 2 inches wide yo can only have so many difrent shapes

(WildCat23) #7

Eh, t’s similar, but different. Also, it is organic.


Have you seen the shape of the Loop1080 kinda looks like the shape of the raider


I call it the hour-glass shape. Thats like patenting anything thats a square shape, you can’t. A square could be a toy for a child to learn shapes, or a weapon of destruction.



(WildCat23) #11

Like a square Ninja Star. It works relatively well with business cards and credit cards.


I see…