H-Shape becoming too broad of a term...

I have noticed that any yoyo that isn’t a wing shaped or V-Shaped yoyo is currently an H-Shape. I think that the H-Shape category is too broad of a term with everything either being an “H-Shape” or an “Extreme H-Shape.” I think that yoyo’s like the Evil Yo and Decapod should have a separate category known as “U-Shape,” due to the “U” in the catch zone. I also think that a term “J-Shape” should be used to describe yoyos like the Avant Garde 2 and the Chico Recurve, due to the “J” when viewing a cross section of the upper right corner. I also think “Hourglass-Shape” would be a suitable name for yoyos such as the Stampede and PSG. Not saying we have to, but I think it would take away the confusion of the type of H-Shape.


I agree with that except for the J-shape. I think we should call them recurve or negative shapes. However, it would be possible to blend a negative shape with a wing or V shape.


Yeah, I guess that would be more appropriate.

But why does any of this matter? I’m gonna call it as I see it. Not everything needs to fit under the veil of a certain name or classification.

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I do like the idea of a “U” shape

Me too.

Does it matter? If the shape works, it works. What the shape is called is none of my concern.

My yoyos are all yoyo shaped.

Why bother even having the terms H-Shape, V-Shape or Wing shape? Because it tells you something about the yoyo.

I prefer it when yoyos have a “shape name”, at least for the general purposes of description. It won’t impair my enjoyment of it if it doesn’t cleanly fit into some sort of category though.

I’ve added terms such as D-shapes and C-Shapes, as well as V and H. I’m not aware of having any U-type shapes, but hey, it could happen.

I couldn’t help myself ;D

“O” shape!



Isn’t that why pictures are there for? You have a pair of eyes, use them well. And don’t get too caught up by whatever the [insert alphabet letter]-shape letter it is.
Leave it to manufacturers on however they want to describe the shape of their throws. If you make your own yoyo, feel free to call it ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ-shape or something