What classifies yoyos as different shapes?

I’m still fairly new so I’m not sure how to tell what shape a yoyo is.
I see people describing yoyos as H, U, and V shapes; I’m sure there are more but those are the main ones I’ve seen.

Can someone give me some insight as to how I can start identifying different types of yoyo shapes?
Or maybe an overall crash course in what MAKES a good yoyo?
I’m really just trying to learn as much as I can about my new hobby.

Thanks for any and all help! ;D

Shape is really up to opinion… But stuff shaped like the YYF Protostar is generally considered H shape because it looks like an H. A YYJ Phenom and other yoyos with a similar shape are generally considered V shaped because it looks like a V.

Id continue on but Im on a phone so cant say much but that should give you a general idea. Im sure studio42 will be here to enlighten you with a whole article to read though :slight_smile:

H Shape:
How to Identify: The exaggerated rims. The “true” H-shape yoyo that gave the shape its name is the Hspin Envy (not on this website, a google search will show you what the Envy looks like)


V Shape:

How to Identify: Straight, angular body descending pointing towards the bearing.



Double V:

Goes by several different names

How to Identify: Straight, angular body with rims that are at a more shallow angle. Many V and Double V shaped yoyos could really fit into either category.


Classic Shape:

How to Idenfify: (generally) High walled with rims that curve out. Much more common in the past.


Double Rim:

How to Identify: has a second lip under rim in inner cup


Bell Shape:

How to Identify: each half looks like a bell.


High Walled:

How to Identify: The “wall” of the bearing area extends out a far distance before curving out into the rims.


Low Walled:

How to Identify: Opposite of high wall. The “wall” of the bearing area does not extend a far distance before curving out into the rims.


I don’t think I’m missing any shapes here.

Just remember, not every yoyo fits into one of these categories, some yoyos fit into multiple categories, and some of these shapes have varying definitions.


Thank you!

Jake’s explanation is pretty darn thorough, but just for clarification, a “classic” shape could also be referred to as “organic.”