shapes of yoyos?

how many shapes of yoyos are there. I know there are butterflys (like the protostar) and H (like the Hatrick?) but thats it. I dont even know if those two are what i think they are.

well, i think hatrick is a rounded butterfly (like D shaped).
there is also angular butterfly like speeder.
H-shape like G5, superstar, etc.
modified H-shape like Virus.
and a bell shape (hourglass shape) like sandglass or any YYR.

there are also imperial shape.
modified shape like raider.
russel type.

and maybe that is all i know.

Too many to worry about. lol

The coolest is Pagoda, I think that’s what it’s called.

seriously. lol. :slight_smile:
people are constantly discovering and trying new shapes.

like the one on the warning line?
those are cool.

Or the virus, Or the new BBYY Juvenile Offender. That is an awesome yoyo by the way. When it hits the stores you will think. BUY BUY BUY!! I must have!!! I do! ;D ;D ;D

I thought pagoda was one half imperial, and 1 half butterfly. You can do it with a No-Jive.

sorry about that. i was thinking the ledges shape on the warning line, i don’t know what they called either.

its not pagoda, but I think it may be a stepped butterfly/H shape…

What about the Muffin Top and its iconic shape?

Let’s not forget about the hollowed-out imperial shape on the Blind Orbiter.

I love the H-shape on my G5.