What shapes are these yo-yos?



First Base
Set Sail
Top Deck


Going from top to bottom I’d say: angular h, o shape, h shape, organic h, wing, organic. But other people probably classify shapes differently than me.


Some designs combine different attributes of the shapes that have been defined so far. W, H, O, V - Yo-yo shapes can be combinations of 2 or more, no need to worry about classifying them really.


I ask because I’m thinking about getting one of the benchmark yo-yos but I would prefer getting a different shape than what I have. Maybe a W would be a good choice?


It’s all speculation…you will not know until you try!


Yeah the w shape pretty sweet! My friend has the 2014 w and I really like it and he likes it too. The only benchmark I would not recommend is the o because the gauntlet is so good if you want an o shape and besides the side effects I think the gauntlet is just better in playability aspects imo. But the w shape is fantastic. The gradient is really good too if you want a w/h shape.