Have you guys seen this?



(JonasK) #2

I believe Pat posted this at the Nation himself 1-2 weeks back.


Oh, my dads friend found it.


I saw this on the One-Drop forum, I think. But I have seen this before, from one forum or another.


I actually haven’t, nice find.

(SR) #6

I saw this somewhere… but I don’t know where. Weird.

(Mikey) #7

OMG! I just saw a print out of this at yoyojoes like, 1 hour ago!

(marcusWsteadman) #8

i hope i don’t have to stop yoing, it’s my life. i wouldn’t have any thing to live for.

(Infinite Chaos) #9

wow that’s crazy, I doesn’t surprise me that yo-yo-ing could lead to medical problems like that, but still… wow. that guy’s finger was practically destroyed.


i think it was on SBL right?


i havent seen this but it was really informative to say the least. i found it really interesting

(Cinimod105) #12

It makes me feel scared.


Scared or scarred?

Yeah, I think I saw that a while back. It’s pretty crazy.


I have a feeling he was playing too much and might have been a bit stupid? He could have smacked his finger on his yoyo all time and caused all that damage. Anyways, no reason to be scared. Continue yoyoing! And nice find BTW.