Have you ever

Have you ever gotten a throw for free

There was a thread similar to this not long ago.
Anyways, I’ve just gotten some cheap throws like REALLY CHEAP.
Fixed axle with a knot–cheap

Have you ever considered using a better title? :wink:

But, to answer your question, no.

I won a drop bear for frizzle

My firat high end metal was given to me, a markmont next. I still have it to this day. Cant even think about letting it go.

I got a Chief and a Glide for free at MA states 2013 ;D

I won a Glow Die-Nasty and a Roll Model for being poster of the month over on another forum ^^


Yes several time here’s just to name a few

VA states first time i went there. I got a YYJ inspire from AJ Kirk then later that day I got a B-Grade torrent 2 from somebody I talked to earlier.

Later TA had a young entrepreneur contest long time ago I got a omega fireball then from robk piggyback riding from that I got a YYJ classic

Then I got free yoyos for my birthdays this year they were SPYYs because of that amplifier deal that happened a while back

I also got a free turning point Paranoid From my grandparents when they went to Prague and stopped by the slusny store in January (that’s why I am probably the only person on the forum that has one for now.)

Then recently TA had a silent giveaway and I got a free Di Base.

I got a DTYY that was ran over by a car for free

I won a CLYW Avalanche in the yoyo’s and food contest that TA hosted

And I also Got a OD Cascade For Christmas 2012

I won MN state Junior division two years in a row and then got too old. In that time I accumulated:

Crucial Heavy Cream
Hspin Gorylla
YYF Skyline, using gift certificates won.
Some other random Duncan and yomega stuff I can’t remember… Fhz, fh, some others idk.
And then at the MWR Bbq I won the grand prize raffle one year and got an Hspin cut.

I’m not lying when I say I haven’t bought many yoyos XD. I trade for them all.

I won one of the grand prizes in the winter trading card giveaway from yye, the yyj one totally awesome… Got a Phenom, Karma and a prototype of the Alliance.

Pink with white caps FHZ. Silicone recessed. Such a good yoyo to take everywhere

i got an Aero Yo Agent

Won a Dazzler recently


hehe gotcha

Do Birthday and Christmas presents count? If so:

For my b-day, a friend gave me a Fast 201 (my very first yoyo). Then, last Christmas, my parents got me an Echo.

Won a TenYoYo Wet Whistle in a FB contest. Also won a PS Vita from Kitty String in 2012.

Won a Radical Seas Driftwood in a video contest.

Luke of Hildy Bros. gave me a black Emmett at VA States this year. (Awesome!)

Bought a couple of throws from GregP and he threw in a wood fixed-axle that is apparently the only yoyo in Canada (due to copyright.)

A friend of mine gave me a plastic yoyo that looks like a hamburger. ;D

On the other side of the coin, I’ve given away a couple dozen Proyos and Proflys, four Ones, a Classic and a DMII. Plus an uncountable number of Imperials and Butterflys.