I'm so happy

Today’s pretty much one of the luckiest days of my life. I won a one drop valor at the raffle at pnwr. As a thrower on a budget I’ve never owned a yoyo worth more than $90 and I got this one for the $10 I spent on raffle tickets. I’m so stoked! I’ve got that “just got a new throw” feeling but magnified because I had no idea I’d win anything.

I love it so much, it’s so smooth and dead silent. How about you guys, you ever win anything cool?

Awesome man! One time my little bro won a raffle for 3 vip baseball tickets and a whole bunch of toys and he didn’t even pay for it he’s like 6 so he charmed his way into people getting him tickets lol


Congrats, I was there and you had a pretty big smile on your face. I think I would have been doing back flips.

I won a gun safe at my company safety meeting and winning sure feels good.