Free Yoyo

Today In the mail I recived a Hspin Gorylla for free!!! I dont know how it happened It said my name address and on the package and it came straight from Hspin and I didnt sign up for any give away or buy it. Please tell me why this happened.

did u compete in any video contests hosted from them? or the yoyosam contest

Ohhh, you lucky… :wink:

no I didnt compete in any video contest but I did compete in BLC and got 1st place in the hspin choice awards and second in the actual contest

Thats why… The gorylla is your gift. LUCKY

I dont think its a gift because I already got a gift at the contest

Then stop whining and be grateful.

A late gift, maybe?

At the contest you won prizes. What you got from Hspin was a gift.

thank you everyone for the help

My bro (Dawson Schaefer) just got his too from the HSPIN people choice contest. When you were at BLC you won the HSPIN peoples choice. They sponsored the contest by having their own.

uhhh… it is really mine ;Djk

Oh so this is where my yoyo ended up…

he’s not whining. he’s curious