I finally won....

I finally won something. I won a brand spanking new Duncan Echo. I won…I won. I…won. ;D

Won the contest for the Duncan Echo on the facebook page of Triple Crown of YoYo. I wont be able to go this year. But I won…

I won


that’s awesome! this could actually be a cool, what have you won within the yoyo community thread, unless that exists. not to steal your thunder 8)
I personally named the Frozen Mammoth Peak back in ‘08/09’ and won a free gold nugget peak and clyw t-shirt… one of my yoyoing high points for sure.

Thunder still present :slight_smile: I once won a free YYC t-shirt for naming one of there Code2 color ways, although I bought a beta tester yoyo and decided to wait til I pay it off to receive everything together. I also got a Dang for making the slogan for JDs store. But this is the first actual drawing of random people that I have won.

Congratulations! :smiley:

I won a random drawing video contest.

I won a yo-yo holder from Totalartist.

Hmm, anything else?

I don’t think so.

I have won a…

Some string(PerfectFit)
Some more string (Buddy Jim)

It feels nice to win something. Hopefully you enjoy your echo; and that luck is going to be on your side again!

That’s it for me

Wet whistle from the TenYoyo video contest.


During Christmas, Duncan was giving away 12 prizes at random to their fans on their Facebook page who liked/commented on their status. It was known as “The Twelve Days of Giveaways.” Anyways, there was one winner for each of the 12 prizes. Then they chose one of those 12 winners to win ALL of the prizes. Somehow, I managed to get picked to win all 12. I received many yo-yos and accessories, from Duncan yo-yo pouches and DVD’s, to Duncan’s Raptor, Echo, Metropolis, and even the MayheM.


I’ve never won a random drawing contest. But I did win Jayyo’s drawing contest. I won two modded Yomega Raiders.


For the first time ever i won stuff recently too. The counterweights and string from jayyos giveaway. Couldn’t stop smiling that day :slight_smile:

To all who run contests, Thank You :slight_smile:

I WON a prototype General yo KLR at MER!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D


I remember winning a Asteroid from the YYBB Facebook sharing contest.

I felt like the prettiest girl at prom :].

I just recently won YOYOFACTORY west coast tour champion spokane.