list the yoyos you got at nationals!

i got:

-pair of loop 808

  • ann whip signed by ann
  • skyline trade (sniff sniff :frowning: ) for axiom and 44
  • G funk signed by gentry
  • catalyst signed by harold owens 3 and AUGIIEE FAASSSH!!!
  • free yo

what did you guys get? i had to leave early, so who won? just got home, it was a blast. got to meet so many cool people!

Jealous that you got to meet Ann! Anyway, winners were Zach Gormley (1A), Patrick Mitchell (2A), Patrick Borgerding (3A), Bryan Figueroa (4A), Tyler Severance (5A).


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I got a rewind Ed. Cascade!

Nice! I have one of those as well. So pretty!


I also could have got the pancake something Ed…

what color is the pancake or whatever ed?

I got
A b grade phenom
A star grade dynamo
A pair of loop 808s
Recrev facade
Recrev freq. wave
And a madhouse free yo

Duncan Flipside, which I wasn’t expecting. A/C sided bearing based on spacer orientation: An SPR system!
Duncan Raptor, with 2012 caps. Wanted a Raptor anyways, got an amazing excuse.
YYF Loop 808, green and red. Got a pair of those for my kid as well. Good price YYF direct.
RecRev Freq. Wave. Good price on a item of interest.
Madhouse Free YoYo, handed to me by Madhouse player!

Found NEW items on my “gotta have those soon” list.


the b grade phenoms cost $35 !! my friend got one.

I haven’t had a chance to crack open the Raptor yet(well, it was pre-opened by the Duncan booth, which I must add was a nice touch!). Having heard a lot of good things about it here, it seemed it would be a good price/performance yoyo. It’s one I’m looking forward to playing in a day or two.

The Flipside, it seems to me that outside of missing a counterweight set, this is going to present serious competition to the FHZ, although it is a different shape. It’s has some vibe, but that’s not a big deal to me as it still plays good. It’s unresponsive, plastic and uses the SG Silicone rings, so this yoyo can be siliconed if you so desire. It includes 2 bearings and a simple SPR system. The response system is in the yoyo itself. The metal spacers are reversible. In one direction, they hold the stock concave bearing(which I think is a 10-ball version). If you turn them over, now you have the yoyo compatible with the included concave A-bearing. For $20, it’s almost a can’t miss yoyo. The Flipside, being plastic, was one of my carry-throws for the day.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Duncan, but all I can say is that there’s a lot of change going on, and that these changes are a good thing. Duncan still has that reputation on the OUTSIDE world of “inexpensive starter yoyos”, which they are going to have trouble shaking to new people and those not into the yoyo yet. Once inside, Duncan has an increasing number of really great products at many price points. One drawback is that Duncan’s multiple world champion Hank Freeman provides proof positive that Duncan makes “World Class products”, yet most people have no clue about this sort of thing because again, only those throwing and being active really know about this.

One other Duncan item on my list was the Echo, but I chose to skip this as a purchase mostly because I can get this one whenever I feel like it. This will arrive soon.

Duncan’s booth was a worth-while visit. So were really all the booths. YYE had an amazing showing since they were able to sell more than just YYE-branded products this time.

Also, I have to say, being a fan of Madhouse YoYos, the new Compulsions(they surface is blasted now), I gotta have one ASAP. Also the new Chupacabra and Eternal Throw Victory are now must-haves that I will be buying VERY soon. Lastly, the Chico YoYo SUV3 is now something I need to add to my collection as well. I also gotta get me a Monkey Finger Evil-Yo, so if you’re selling one, hit me up afte the 16th.

None because I didn’t go.
I wanted to get a pair of Loop900s for $10 a piece but instead I’m getting my friend’s Neon Collection pair for the same price. Mint and stuff too.


I haven’t been to a yoyo contest yet because I do not live n the continental US.
The closest I ever came to a competition was when I was in Palm Springs. I missed a contest there by three days.

I’d probably want to go to the Japan nationals one of these days, or the Asia Pacific yoyo contest when it starts up again so I can more stamps in my passport.

I might end up going to WYYC because its close to where YYJ is based and I’d like to see their factory.

What’s the madhouse free yoyo?

It’s a free basic plastic looper with the MadHouse logo on it. It glows in the dark too.

I just got a box for photos. I’m gonna start messing with that in a day or two and snap some yoyos. This was going to be one of the first ones.

The New cyyc yoyo is the heavy hitter 3 not suv 3 hah, i apologize. I only mean to correct because it is the MMe heavy hitter 3! i’m glad you enjoyd using the new throw at nats!